Attention self-sufficient fireplace and woodstove owners...

Give Me 12 Minutes and I'll Show You How To Make "Logs" From Newspapers 

... and You DON'T Need an Expensive, Difficult To Use, Newspaper Rolling Machine!


Zach and Camille
with an
Instant Newspaper Log
in front of our wood stove

Nederland, Colorado
From our Cozy, Warm Living Room

Dear Friend,

This is the page the manufacturers of newspaper log rolling machines hope you never find.


You can make instant newspaper logs faster and easier with a few quick motions of your hands and nothing more than yesterday's newspaper.

I repeat: you don't need any fancy gadgets, devices, doo-dads or Newspaper Log Rolling Machines.

You just need to learn a few ingenious little tricks to create newspaper logs yourself, any time, anywhere.

Now, I'm sure you're wondering, "Why should I make newspaper logs?"

It's an easy way to recycle your old newspapers. That means fewer trips to the recycling center .
Newspaper logs can supplement your wood supply. Your wood pile lasts longer.
It's a neat trick you can show off.  It's almost like magic.
Clean up that growing pile of newspapers and turn them into hot, slow-burning logs.  De-clutter your home.
It's fun and you can do it with the whole family.  Just about anybody can do it

Sneaky Newspaper Rolling Tricks

In just a few minutes, you can be watching a 10 minute video that shows you EXACTLY what it takes to turn a pile of useless old newspapers into a firm log that'll light up your fireplace or wood stove.

I'll be frank.  There's no great magic to it.  In fact, once you've seen how it's done, you'll wonder why you hadn't figured it out yourself.  It's that easy.

Sure, you probably could figure it out yourself after a lot of trial and error.  But you'll get frustrated in the meantime, knowing there's a good method you haven't QUITE figured out! And you'll be left wondering if there's a better way to create a dense, tight, long-burning newspaper log.

Instead, watch our video and you'll be recycling that pile of newspapers into tight, hot, slow-burning logs in no time. Isn't that better than having a growing pile of old newspapers take over your house?

You pick:  Messy pile of old papers or warm room.

And in case your internet connection is slow, I've got you covered too... When you place your order, you'll also get a physical DVD - suitable for playing in any DVD player - sent to you by first class mail. You can't lose.

It's Better Than Just Throwing the Paper Into The Fire

If you've ever tried to make a fire by just throwing newspaper into the woodstove or fireplace, then you know it doesn't work.  Paper that hasn't been rolled up into a log will catch fire in a flash. The outside edges burn off pretty quickly.  But the inside creates a smoldering fire that completely clogs your woodstove. And if you're using a fireplace, then you've noticed that sometimes the newspaper unexpectedly falls apart and flying embers go everywhere. In short, it's makes a pretty useless mess. 

But let's be clear about this. Newspaper, in fact, is nothing more than processed, ground up wood with a thin layer of ink on the outside.  Once you rewrap it into a dense, solid log, it burns a lot like wood.

Clean Up Your Act

I've heard it said that people don't read any more.  Maybe that's true, but I seem to see stacks of old newspapers everywhere I go.  In fact, before I learned about making my own newspaper logs, I was about ready to cancel my own newspaper subscription... because the messy piles of papers threatened to take over. 

Now, when I'm done reading the paper, I put it into a small pile by the wood stove.

And then, once every few days, I just roll them up into logs and toss them into the fire.

Problem solved.  No more newspaper messes.

Side note:  OK.  I admit, I still have to recycle the shiny colored newspaper.  But, while I'm at the recycling place, I'm tempted to trade my colored paper in for the burnable sections.  Is that crazy or what?

Survival Act

Since I live way out in the middle of nowhere high up in the Rocky Mountains, it's easy for the driveway to get so iced up that I can't convince the lumber mill to deliver scrap wood.  Every time February rolls around, I start wondering if I'll have enough wood to last me past the spring thaw.

However, it's truly rare for the newspaper boy not to make his delivery.  Sure, sometimes I have to dig through the snow to get to the paper, but I don't mind.  I do want to know what's going on in the world.

So far I haven't run out of wood, but it is reassuring to know that fresh "newspaper logs" show up at my driveway every day!

Now my neighbor actually cuts down his own trees, sections them, drags them back to his house, cuts the sections down to fireplace log length, and chops the big pieces in half.  Boy, that's a lot of work. I get tired just thinking about it.  Just give me a stack of old newspapers instead!

Oh, and did I mention that it's a lot of fun to turn yesterday's news into a warm fire?

After you get the hang of it, you can do it without giving it a second thought.

On the other hand, if you're a concrete cliff dweller (a.k.a. apartment or condo dweller) you know how hard it is to keep enough wood around because it eats up so much space.  But nobody looks twice if you get a paper delivered.  We'll keep it a secret between you and me what you do with those papers once you're finished reading them.

Cheaper Than a Newspaper Log Roller

This is a picture of the DVD and case with the case open so that you can see the DVD inside.

When I started on my adventure of trying to turn newspapers into usable heat, I shopped around for a newspaper log roller.  But the more I looked for one to buy, the less I liked the idea of getting one.  First of all, there was the expense of getting the darn thing. After all, they go for $37.95 to $57.50... plus shipping.

And then you still have to wait for the newspaper log roller to get shipped... and arrive at your home.

However, this is only the beginning of your problem.  How can I say this politely... Newspaper log rollers don't really work that well.  In fact, THEY SUCK! 

It's one of those devices that looks like it should work.  But when you actually try it, you find that they're more trouble than they're worth.

... and like I said, you don't need them!

The Alternative

I could get greedy here and charge $34.95 (plus $4.95 shipping and handling)  for my video, and you'd still come out ahead.  (Creating an instructional video was a lot more work than I thought.)

But that's not me.  I want this to be the easiest decision you've had to make all day.

The good news is that because I kept my production expenses for my instructional video low, I can offer it for only $19.97 plus shipping and handling.  I didn't splurge for an "A-List" movie star (Brad Pitt was not returning my calls anyway) so you'll just get me and Zach.  I've always admired how good Zach is at explaining things. 

I'm also including the instant download for free, but please don't watch it more than twice online because otherwise my website hosting company will shut me down for being a bandwidth hog.  (You don't want to know how I found this out.)

My Unequivocal, Extremely Simple, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

You see, I know itís hard to trust somebody youíve only just now met on the internet. So Iím going to make this easy for you.

If you're not happy with the video "How To Make Instant Newspaper Logs" for any reason, just return the DVD and ask for your money back.

You could even watch the DVD or instantly downloadable online video, learn my sneaky tricks, and still ask for your money back.  But I'll trust that you're too honest to do that...

In short the risk is all mine.

Simple as that.


As you can see from the guarantee, the risk is all mine.  . 

Let's Wrap This Up

Now, I have to admit that this video is not for everyone.  Unless you're giving it as a gift, you need to have a fireplace, woodstove or an outdoor fire pit.  Please don't get this video for yourself if you're under 18. 

Also, this video is not for you if you don't have time to care about the environment or if you're not interested in becoming more self-sufficient.

So there you have it.  I've included everything you need to know to click on over to the order page and get your copy right now.

In just a couple of minutes, you too can be learning my sneaky newspaper rolling tricks.  And the DVD usually gets shipped to you the next business day.

Again, you can get your copy any time of  day or night. Even at 2 AM.

"Let me try it now.  Take me to the order page."

Oh, and before I forget, I found a DVD manufacturer that can make a complete, professional looking DVD in only hours. (Think of them like a one hour photo place for DVDs.)

This means I don't have to order a huge pile of DVDs at once.  This keeps my costs down as well.  And it's kinder to the environment.

So, when you click the order link, you'll be taken to the instant DVD manufacturer's site.  Once you fill out the order form, their totally automated assembly line cranks out your DVD and pops it into the mail in a day or two.

Keep that in mind if you ever need a DVD made, complete with cover graphics, liner notes and shrink wrap. They'll accept an order even for just one unit.

You should try it just to see how the whole thing works.

Order Over our Secure Order Form!

YES, Camille!  This is just the thing I was looking for. I want to help to save the environment.  And making my own hot, long-burning logs out of newspapers looks like fun, too.

Go ahead and send me my own copy of "How To Make Instant Newspaper Logs"

Right Now

Here's what you get when you order:

"How to Make Instant Newspaper Logs"  DVD
Immediate access to the online video of "How to Make Instant Newspaper Logs"
Full Money Back Guarantee means you can't go wrong by trying it


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You Can Order By  Calling 303-642-0277. 
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Did I forget to answer one of your questions?  Well, I'm waiting to hear about it.  Just click on the orange "Live Help" button at the top or bottom and I'll be right with you.  Try it.

(OK.  I'll admit.  I won't answer if I'm asleep or out on errands.)


Camille McCaleb

P.S. Get rid of that old pile of newspapers. Instantly recycle them into hot, long-burning newspaper logs.  I'll send you the short DVD with full instructions, AND I'll also give you a link to the instant download.  This means you can be "rolling your own" just a few short minutes from now.

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